Social Media Activism

  • I began this line of research with an interest in the psychological benefits of social media activism. The paper below showed that when women tweet out their responses to sexism they had just read about, their well-being increases over 3 days, compared to 3 control groups:

Foster, M. D. (2015). Tweeting about sexism: The well-being benefits of a social media collective action. British Journal of Social Psychology, 54, 629-647.


Accessible Summary

  • To further understand how social media activism enhanced well-being, this set of three studies published in Computers in Human Behavior show that online activism enhances the relationship between gender identity and personal well-being. More specifically, the more pervasive women thought gender discrimination was, the stronger their reported gender identity was, which in turn, increased their well-being.  However, this pattern of relationships held only among women who participated in online activism, and who considered such activism to reflect an active (vs. passive) form of activism. Click here for the submitted paper.